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    Surfboards are available in many different shapes and sizes, basically they can be classified in three different types, which are discribed in the following part. Besides these three basic types there are many varieties of surfboard shapes, which are mainly hybrid forms of the three basic surfboard types. Depending on the customer demands at DRD Surfboards almost all shapes are available.


    The board for advanced surfers and radical maneuvers in the water. These boards are shorter than minimalinus and easier to turn and offer the possibillity for all kinds of radical turns even in fast and steep waves. Shortboards are available in the classic version (thin and narrow)and in the newer and bulkier shape(very short but thicker and wider than the classic shape). We offer shortboards with the classic 3-fin-setup (thruster), a 4-fin-setup (quad) and the 5-fin-setup (thruster with 2 additional sidefins). Shortboards are available with a lenght up to 2,0 m (68).


    The ideal surfboard for your first steps. Minimalibus have mor volume and are longer than a shortboard und therefore easier to take-off with. They are more stable in the wave than a shortboard, but still offer a good maneuverability, allowing beginners a fast progress of their skills. Even experienced surfers are able to surf in smaller waves that are not powerfull enough for their shortboard. Malibus have a length of 2,1 up to 2,4 m (72 up to 76).


    The classic type of surfboard suitable for any surfer. Longboards allow surfing in very small waves as well as surfing big waves, they offer an easy take-off and are very beginner friendly. Longboards have a medium size of 2,7 m (9).