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  • Ding repair

    Sometimes it happens and your surfboard gets dinged, either on transport or in the water.

    AT DRD Surfboards dinged surfboards can be repaired professionally. The ding repair service is also acailable to surfboards that are not made by our comapny. The following table shows typical prices for repair jobs. A binding calculation is made ahead of any ding repair, prices depend on the compexity of the damage. A bill is issued for every repair suitable for claims against insurances or airlines in case of a transport damage.

    To make a calculation for the repair, a short description of the surfboard and pictures showing the damage.


    Small fracture in fiberglass 20 - 30
    Glassed-on fin broken off 40 - 60
    Broken nose 60 - 70
    Ripped out Fin- / Leashplug 20 - 50
    Change from glass-on fins to FCS 1 System 100

    In case of a damage to a surfboard any water contact should be avoided and the ding shoul dry out.

    After drying seal the damaged area with waterproof tape, when the ding is protected form water contact, the board van be used again until the repair is done. Do not use wax to seal the ding, as the repair resin does not bond correctly with the damaged area.